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2013-04-10 00:40:51 by gracegirlsgames

Friends how are you? i am a new developer ...


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2013-04-10 05:52:37

Hi. Are you familiar with Newgrounds, or have you just recently found this site?
You might not be aware of this, but there is a certain stigma about dress-up games, especially by commercial developers. However, of you want to hone your craft, this is the site to do it!


2013-04-25 07:30:31

You should prove that you are legitimately a person and not a company/bot by telling me what your favorite kind of porn is.


2014-01-02 16:13:21

Check ur inbox. I have this request


2016-11-03 02:38:52

best of luck, i played a few of your game, i mostly enjoyed your puzzle games, but some where just, hard to solve. i mean im 21... might wanna tone it down for your target demagrafic.